Hands-On Testing and Analysis

Update to Flashstack/Nutanix


We’ve updated the cost of acquisition report we did for Pure comparing the Pure/Cisco FlashStack converged infrastructure to a hybrid Nutanix cluster.

We misread the Nutanix spec sheet and used the power consumption of a 4-node Nutanix block as the consumption for a single node.  This lead us to believe the FlashStack solution used less power when in truth the Nutanix solution used less.

We regret the error.

The second edition has a few other small edits mostly to make it clear it is not a TCO study.

We did not make all the changes demanded by various Nutanix employees. We stand behind the assumptions we made and the logic behind them that we presented. We trust readers will be able to see if the decisions we made were reasonable or not.

Download the report and see for yourself.True Cost of HCI 2nd Edition