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Unifying Sync ‘n Share

Like most people nowadays I use sync ‘n share services as a central part of my work process. I even wrote a blog post describing the process I used to synchronize my supplemental dictionaries between the various PCs I use on a regular basis. While SnS is a great solution to my personal file problems, DeepStorage Labs still needs more traditional file services for all the files I don’t want to carry around everywhere I go.

The closer I looked at enterprise sync and share systems the more it frustrated me that most of them required users to create a new data repository. Now users at headquarters access one repository on a NAS or file server, and remote users access a different copy of those files via Dropbox for Business.

Multiple repositories mean problems when the two repositories get out of sync. The answer I started thinking is for unified storage systems to add sync n share as yet another protocol in addition to the SMB, NFS, and iSCSI that they support today.

Just as I solidified this thought enough to start talking about it; my friends at Nexsan, now re-emerged from Imation, announced their Unity which does just what I was talking about.  I wrote a blog post for them making my case for merging the file server with DropBox, yes they paid me, but I still think it’s worth reading.