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Storage Efficiency and HCI Cluster Size

Storage Efficiency

In this episode of As the Cluster Turns we’re going to look at how HCI cluster size impacts the storage component of an HCI solution. While My Google Sheet from part one compared clusters with the same total SSD capacity that analysis ignored data protection and the impact of cluster size on data protection efficiency. Reviewing HCI protection HCI systems …

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HCI Cluster Size – Part Duo


In our last installment, I determined that both hardware pricing and software licensing made vSphere environments with bigger servers less expensive, for a given amount of compute power, than those with larger numbers of smaller servers. While I’m glad I did that math and learned that lesson, cost per core isn’t really the determining factor in laying out a data …

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Small Clusters of Big Servers Cost Less 

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As I was writing an upcoming blog post on sizing HCI clusters, I started thinking about optimizing not just the number of nodes in the cluster but also the size of each server in the cluster. Is the premium Intel charges for Xeon Platinum processors enough to offset the savings on vSphere and other software licensed by the processor socket? …

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VVols, and the Market, are ready. Why Do I Want Them?


In our last installment we saw that over the past three years, the storage industry (OK, most of them), VMware, and customers have laid the groundwork for a transition from VMFS to VVols. Here’s why you’ll want to make the switch. VVols, VMware’s Virtual Volumes, store each virtual machine, in fact each virtual disk .VMDK file and a bit more, …

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NOW is the time to give VVols another look


We tech industry pundits are a bloodthirsty lot. We declare old technologies like tape or hard disks dead when newer, faster, shinier alternatives come along. We aren’t any easier on new technologies; we’re ready to label fresh products such as Intel’s 3DXpoint or VMware’s VVOLs a failure if they haven’t broken sales records in their first two years on the …

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What is Hyper-Converged?


Over the past few years, Hyper-Converged infrastructure has matured from a niche solution to the fastest growing part of the storage business, if HCI really is storage. That success has, as usual, been followed by vendors expanding the definition of a successful new product, in this case, HCI.  So vendors are calling everything from a disaggregated software-defined data center in …

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vSAN 6.6 Matures with Encryption, Site Data Protection

VMware’s done an impressive job of bringing the Internet development cycle of incremental releases twice a year and applying it to the traditionally much stodgier world of enterprise storage where customers are used to waiting three to five years for the new features that come with an array’s generational update. The latest 6.6 release adds over 20 new features, and …

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VSAN 6.0 Now Ready for Prime Time

While I was glad to see VMware jump on the hyperconverged bandwagon with VSAN I must admit I wasn’t terribly impressed with the initial release of the product. Sure it took local storage from all the servers in a cluster and created a hybrid pool but it still relied on vSphere’s flawed snapshots and was profligate in its use of …

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Why I Miss Independent Tradeshows or Why Interop Matters

In the lead up to the Groundhog Day/Super Bowl holiday weekend, I started hearing rumors that VMware had uninvited some vendors from their Partner Exchange event being held in San Francisco next week. It appears that the folks at VMware decided that Veeam and Nutanix wouldn’t be welcome at this year’s PEX. My first reaction is to miss the independent …

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Talking Influencer Careers on VMware Community Roundtable

While Woody Allen once famously said that 80% of success is showing up I’ve always believed that luck, and more importantly what I did with the opportunities luck delivered to me was at least half of my success, if you can call where I find myself a success. The other day I got a serendipitous direct message on Twitter from …

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