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What is Hyper-Converged?


Over the past few years, Hyper-Converged infrastructure has matured from a niche solution to the fastest growing part of the storage business, if HCI really is storage. That success has, as usual, been followed by vendors expanding the definition of a successful new product, in this case, HCI.  So vendors are calling everything from a disaggregated software-defined data center in …

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Stormagic Sticks to the HCI Sweet Spot

I’ve long believed that HCI was the best solution for the “small-scale” systems in remote and branch offices and SMEs. In many cases, these sites have just a handful of workloads that could easily be handled by a single modern server. A pair of servers with a decent VSA sharing out their local storage devices provides plenty of capacity, horsepower, and …

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VMware Endorses StorMagic for ROBO Server SAN

I’ve long believed that hyperconverged solutions made the most sense at the small end of the scale. You know the SMBs, plants, remote offices, branch offices and big box stores of the world for whom the storage choices have been pretty bad over the years. A typical SMB gets by with a prosumer device like a Synology NAS while corporate …

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