Hands-On Testing and Analysis

Technology Brief

A Technology Brief is a 4 page document with a focused description of our client’s product or service and our analysis of how it fits in the market. Technology Briefs are especially well suited to explaining innovative solutions to the problems faced by IT professionals.

Technology Reports

Technology Reports are longer form documents that either explain or make the case for a particular technology or use case. We’re particularly fond of the educational form of Technology Report that makes the case for the technology solution at hand and then introduces the client’s product only after the general case has been made.

Sample Technology Report, of the educational form is The Case for Persistent Full Clones: A Better Alternative to Linked Clones for VDI which we produced for Greenbytes.

Technology Validation Briefs
Technology Validation Briefs are 4-6 page reports based on testing of your products in our labs that concentrate on specific use cases. Four page validation briefs generally concentrate on how a sponsor’s product solves a single problem for the users. They present the problem, the vendor’s solution and the results of testing in the lab. The 6 page version would add the product pages for the sponsor’s product to the brief. Four page briefs can be formatted for PDF delivery as 4 letter size pages or as an 11×17 sheet folded down to letter size. This tabloid format allows more freedom for formatting on the “inside”. Similarly 6 page briefs can be formatted to be printed on in 11×25½ gatefold format.Sample Technology Validation Brief:
Technology Validation Report
Technology Validation Reports
Technology Validation Reports are more in depth explorations of a product or technology. Where Technology Validation Briefs concentrate on a single aspect of a product or use case validation reports explore the product as a whole including multiple sets of test results that illustrate the benefits of the product in multiple ways.  Technology validation reports are typically somewhere between 8 and 16 pages in length. Overland SnapSAN S2000 – Storage for Virtual Servers is a good example of a Technology Validation Report.Just as with Technology Reports, Technology Validation Reports can also be primarily educational making the case for a novel approach to solving a customer’s problems that just happens to align with the strengths of a given product. The difference of course between a Technology Report, and a Technology Validation Report, is that the validation report uses lab testing to further support the argument. Flattening the Data Center Network – Ethernet Fabric Revolutionizes Data Center Network Design, which we produced for Brocade to promote Ethernet fabrics over the more traditional, and expensive, core-edge model, is a good example of the educational form of Technology Report.
Competitive Reports

Competitive reports, which can be based on lab testing or exclusively on research, compare a sponsor’s product directly to one or more competitors.  Creating the kind of impartial competitive analysis everyone can be proud of is a complex and intricate endeavor with commensurate costs to the client.

About Sponsored Reports

Our clients receive copies of all sponsored reports before publication, and may challenge the factual content. Final editorial decisions, and the final copyright, are however exclusively the purview of DeepStorage, LLC. While clients may use sponsored reviews for marketing purposes we develop them as objectively as possible.

Our primary assets are our opinions and integrity. Consequently we protect them tenaciously. Should clients believe that publishing a sponsored review is not in their interests, they can pay a kill fee and the document will not be published.