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Private Reviews
Performance Validation

Performance Validation reports focus exclusively on a single aspect of a client’s product, such as I/O performance, energy efficiency and/or data reduction and deduplication. Performance validations are typically two page reports describing the tests performed and the results of the system under test.

Performance Validations can also include comparative performance testing relative to alternative solutions including competitor’s and generic products.

Private Reviews

Where a performance validation investigates one aspect of a product, a private review involves an in-depth analysis of the product as a whole. Private reviews are no holds barred documents that include not only the descriptive information that would appear in a published review but also comparative information (i.e.: Competitor X’s product Y addresses this issue in this different way which we prefer because it’s easier to use, faster etc.) Private reviews also include prescriptive commentary suggesting changes that could be made to the product to improve it.

Private reviews are confidential documents for internal client use only. Copyright remains with and no portion of a private review should be published or made public in any form. Private reviews can be performed on beta test and stealth stage products giving the client valuable feedback before revealing the product to the public.

Private reviews are simple text documents without the extensive formatting and/or graphical elements that are included in Sponsored Reviews.