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Chatsworth’s Clik-Nut Perfects the Cage Nut

I thought I had said all there was to say about the prosaic little cage nut in my 2000 word blog post in 2014. I even did a 1500 word follow up on alternatives like Rackstuds. I was therefore pleasantly surprised when I got an email from the folks at Chatsworth Products telling me that the tales of my travails with The Toenail Clipper From Hell had inspired them to rethink the cagenut turning into their tool-less Clik-nut.


A pair of Chatsworth’s Clik-Nut

As you can see in the photo above the boffins at Chatsworth simply extended the spring tab on one side of the cagenut to provide a tab you can squeeze to retract the tab on that side. Since Clik-Nuts are connected to the rack the same way traditional cage nuts are, they have the same load rating as a traditional cagenut with the same bolt size.


All you have to do to install the Clik-Nut is squeeze the spring tab and stick it in the rack with the tab facing out, away from the equipment space. No tools and even better no broken fingernails. 

The folks at Chatsworth sent us a bag of Clik-Nuts and they really are a better mouse trap.  The Clik-Nuts were easy to install and remove from all of our racks even our Starcase traveling racks that have low profile rails. As we suspected there wasn’t quite We were concerned that there might not be enough space to get our fingers behind the tab  but the Chatsworth folks had thought that through as well extending the outer part of the spring tab so you can grip it from above and below.

Chatsworth makes Clik-Nuts with 10-32, 12-24 and M6 nuts and even stamps the bolt size on the cage. The Chatsworth online store sells a bag of 25 Clik-Nuts and bolts for about $60 that’s about twice what I paid for the last batch of cage-nuts I bought, but I’d rather pay for Clik-Nuts than Band-Aids.

The Click-Nut product page on the Chatsworth site includes a demonstration video and a link to request samples. They’re worth checking out.

Disclosure: Chatsworth sent me a bag of 250 Clik-Nuts and 10-32 bolts to evaluate. If you believe I can be bought off so inexpensively; why are you reading my blog?