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HCI and Data Locality

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While I rarely apply quantum mechanics in my day to day life studying quantum mechanics taught me an important life lesson; things in the real world sometimes operate in ways counter to our intuitive understanding. Unlike the Mandelbrot set and other fractals which look the same no matter how deeply you examine them many things and ideas in the real …

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Vote No on VMUG Board

Today I once again received an email from the national VMUG asking me to “vote” for their hand selected slate of candidates. When I went to the website I was presented with the three names of people the VMUG nominations committee hand selected and the opportunity to vote yes or no on the slate as a whole. Ladies and gentlemen …

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VMware Endorses StorMagic for ROBO Server SAN

I’ve long believed that hyperconverged solutions made the most sense at the small end of the scale. You know the SMBs, plants, remote offices, branch offices and big box stores of the world for whom the storage choices have been pretty bad over the years. A typical SMB gets by with a prosumer device like a Synology NAS while corporate …

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Interop Preview on Enterprise Efficiency

I have once again been invited to speak at Interop in Las Vegas. Interop, which by the way is run by United Business Media (UBM) the parent company of NetworkComputing and InformationWeek, is one of the last major events in the IT business not run by a vendor of one kind or another. As I recently wrote independent events give …

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Starting a New Chapter

After 55 years of living in and around New York I made the plunge and moved lock, stock and testing lab to Santa Fe, NM. My reasons are too many and in part too personal to go into in detail here but one major reason is having made the transition from consultant to analyst I could no longer justify the …

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How Shopping for Solid-State Storage Is Like Shopping for a Fast Car

While you should be able to count on an all-solid-state storage system to deliver better performance than an array of spinning disks, the differences among solid-state systems are at least as significant as those among disk-based systems. While most storage professionals can generally identify a disk array as fitting into the high-end, midrange or value market segment, many have not …

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The Promise of LTFS

A bit more than a year ago the folks behind the LTO tape format standards, primarily IBM, with some contributions from HP and Quantum, added the Linear Tape File System to LTO’s feature list. While some niche markets, primarily the media and entertainment business, have adopted LTFS, it won’t live up to it’s promise without support from archiving and eDiscovery …

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Loading Up The Truck and Moving To Santa Fe

After half a century of living and working in the great city of New York and its environs, I decided it was time for a change. In the first week of September we’ll be packing up the DeepStorage labs loading the truck and moving to beautiful Santa Fe New Mexico. For the 25 years or so I made most of …

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Storage Performance Survey – Please Help

Two of the leading analysts in the storage business, Jim Handy The SSDGuy from Objective Analysis (who knows more about Flash from the component level than anyone I know) and Tom Coughlin (Who’s plugged in to the hard disk and entertainment businesses) are running a survey of IT professionals to get a rough idea of their IOPS requirements (real or …

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I’m Back on Infosmack

My buddies Rick and Nigel had me back on the Inforsmack podcast this week reviewing the 42 announcements at last week’s EMCworld. As usual we had a good time and discussed the goings on in Vegas, after all not everything can stay in Vegas. Subjects include a EMC marketing czar Jeremy Burton’s love of spectacle and cheese, EMC co-opting their …

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