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New In The Lab: 25/40/100Gbps Networking

For the past few years, Ethernet has come in four speeds: 1, 10, 40 and 100Gbps. While the cost of 10Gbps Ethernet has fallen to under $500 a port, the next step up 40Gbps has remained four times as expensive as 10gbps and therefore been relegated to inter-switch links and the like. This year Santa brought us 25Gbps Ethernet which …

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Scality’s S3 Server Brings Object Storage to The Masses

Lego Docker Logo

And DeepStorage Labs As recently as two or three years ago I would only recommend object storage to users who had requirements exceeding the capabilities of an enterprise NAS file system. The additional effort of writing applications to use new, and different, APIs wasn’t worth it for less than hundreds of terabytes of data. Times have changed. Backup, archiving, and …

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Chatsworth’s Clik-Nut Perfects the Cage Nut

I thought I had said all there was to say about the prosaic little cage nut in my 2000 word blog post in 2014. I even did a 1500 word follow up on alternatives like Rackstuds. I was therefore pleasantly surprised when I got an email from the folks at Chatsworth Products telling me that the tales of my travails with …

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On Calling Out and Being Called Out

It’s interesting how companies develop corporate personalities that extend not just to official communications but even to employees’ personal blogs. A few years ago, this was most apparent at NetApp and EMC. Today, the most visible example is how folks at Nutanix seem to take even the most tangential reference or minimal criticism as direct attacks that must be responded …

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Our New Datacenter – Chapter 3 – Server Cabinets

Part II – What We Did To be perfectly honest, we didn’t expect to start the Santa Fe data center with a shiny new set of server cabinets. We had been talking to the good folks at CommScope about a patching system for the new lab, and when they decided they wanted to support our little project, they offered not …

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Your New Datacenter – Server Cabinets

Most data centers are dominated by rows and rows of server cabinets, but most of the people I talk to that run the gear that goes in those server cabinets think of them as commoditized furniture. To paraphrase “Little Boxes” the Malvina Reynolds song so brilliantly used over the opening credits of the Showtime series Weeds: Server cabinets in the …

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Dell’s C6100 and Joys of eBay Shopping

As I mentioned in 2013 will be a good year to buy used servers, we at DeepStorage Labs are not too proud to buy equipment on eBay from time to time. One item that’s commonly available on eBay that seems like a great fit for many labs is Dell’s C6100 high-density server. The C6100 C6100 front and back view. Note …

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New in the Lab—Virident FlashMAX II SSDs

It’s interesting how some vendors manage to capture—and, if they’re good, retain—sufficient mind share that their company or brand name becomes synonymous with their market segment. In the storage world, Fusion-IO has managed to maintain that position without falling into the trap that Kleenex and Xerox have, where those companies have to defend the brands from becoming generic terms like …

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Our New Lab Chapter 1 – Patching

The first stop on our journey to the data center of the future is the patching infrastructure. As I mentioned in the Network Computing blog post on this subject, “Building a Lab Part 1: Patching and Cables” (Link to come when the NWC editors get it posted), the New Jersey lab had no patch panels. We were basically camping out …

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Our New Data Center – The Layout

Please note this post will be in constant flux as we make changes to the data center. As of this first draft the only real content is the rack layout and switch configuration. Additional information will be posted over time Rack Layouts Our friends at CommScope were kind enough to provide us with 5 new server cabinets when we moved …

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