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Dell Buys EMC Creating Winners and Losers

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After a weekend of rumors Dell and EMC announced early Monday morning that Dell, with more than a little help from their friends at Silver Lake Partners, will acquire EMC for the princely sum of $67.1 billion dollars.  The deal is scheduled to close sometime before the end of October 2016. As in any big deal there are winners and …

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The Changing Storage Market

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As a longtime observer of, and participant in, the storage market, I’ve noticed that, over the past two or three years, the basic dynamics of the market have changed significantly. Startups are living longer, partially because they’re able to raise more venture money than ever before. At the same time, the formerly clean divisions between drive vendors and the companies …

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Something’s Cooking with/at Micron

Yesterday Micron announced that Rob Peglar was joining the company as vice president of Advanced Storage Solutions, leaving his position as the public facing CTO of EMC’s Isilon scale-out storage division. Rob was one of the first CTO types I met when I dove deep into the storage business back in 2002. Back then he was with Xiotech who had …

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The Decline of the Blade Server

For the past 10 years or so, blade servers have been the fastest-growing portion of the server market. However, as cloud service providers—and the corporate data centers that, every year, look more like the data centers of cloud providers—operate, it seems to me that the blade server’s best days may be behind them. Blade servers have traditionally (and can I …

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Reading Storage Benchmarks—The Details Matter

As I prepare to speak at Interop about all storage things flashy and software-defined, I’m quite disappointed at how many vendors, and some of my fellow analysts, present their benchmark data. Given the sophistication of today’s storage systems and software, the details of how benchmarks were run matter now more than ever. Let’s review the details you should be looking …

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Why I Miss Independent Tradeshows or Why Interop Matters

In the lead up to the Groundhog Day/Super Bowl holiday weekend, I started hearing rumors that VMware had uninvited some vendors from their Partner Exchange event being held in San Francisco next week. It appears that the folks at VMware decided that Veeam and Nutanix wouldn’t be welcome at this year’s PEX. My first reaction is to miss the independent …

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IBM Server News

Things are certainly hopping over at IBM’s x86 server division. Just as they announced the most innovative x86 servers I’ve seen in a long while, IBM also announced they were going to sell the group off the way they sold the desktop PC and laptop division to Lenovo in 2005. The new servers, which IBM has dubbed X6, are the …

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Storage News Bits 1/2014

The following news items struck me as significant enough to pass on to you loyal readers. Oracle picks LSI for PCIe SSDs in Exadata. It’s clear to me that the bulk PCIe SSDs are going to be sold in bulk orders of one sort or another.  Basically I see most PCIe SSD sales as either direct sales of thousands like …

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