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HyperThreading Bug in Intel Skylake and Kaby Lake CPUs


A warning appeared on the Debian Linux mailing list over the weekend that there is a bug in the hyperthreading logic in some of Intel’s latest processors codenamed Skylake and Kaby Lake. The good news for data center operators is that the E5 and E7 Xeons that populate the world’s 2 socket and larger servers are still using and older …

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AMD Attempts Epyc Return to the Data Center


AMD this week finally announced their new Epyc line of server processors and for the first time in a long time, it appears AMD has processors that can actually compete with Intel’s data center world dominating Xeons. While most of the attention so far has been on the top of the line 32 core model if Epyc has an epic …

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Western Digital Goes back to the Future – Buys SanDisk


In what is both a return to the company’s roots as a semiconductor vendor and a step into the solid state future of storage, Western Digital this morning announced that they’re buying flash vendor SanDisk for about $19 billion dollars.  The combined company will be a one stop shop for storage media from traditional hard drives to SSDs. The folks …

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Hitting the Road with VVOLs and NexGen

HM Speaks

I’ve been vocal over the past few years that the LUN has outlived its welcome as the default unit of storage management, as this blog post over at NetworkComputing and this video from Storage Decisions will attest. Now that VMware has finally gotten their virtual volume (VVOL) technology out the door, I am hitting the road to spread the news …

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Viewing as Guerrilla IT

You would have to be living under a rock, or scrupulously avoiding the news by order of a psychiatrist, to have not heard the kerfuffle around Hillary Clinton’s use of a private domain, and email server, for official business while serving as Secretary of State.  While listening to the usual political pundits arguing about the political implications of using Mrs. …

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VMware Endorses StorMagic for ROBO Server SAN

I’ve long believed that hyperconverged solutions made the most sense at the small end of the scale. You know the SMBs, plants, remote offices, branch offices and big box stores of the world for whom the storage choices have been pretty bad over the years. A typical SMB gets by with a prosumer device like a Synology NAS while corporate …

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Reading Storage Benchmarks—The Details Matter

As I prepare to speak at Interop about all storage things flashy and software-defined, I’m quite disappointed at how many vendors, and some of my fellow analysts, present their benchmark data. Given the sophistication of today’s storage systems and software, the details of how benchmarks were run matter now more than ever. Let’s review the details you should be looking …

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HP Puts Server Firmware Behind Paywall

In what I can only see as a negative move for customers, HP’s decided that firmware updates for Proliant servers will no longer be available free for download from the HP site for all users. Only those users that can prove their server is under warrantee or that they have a service agreement of some type in force on the …

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