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Visiting Intel with SFD 12

Lotus Lightnes

Intel is always an interesting stop on the Storage Field Day whirlwind tour of Silicon Valley. During SFD8 we learned about how Intel tested their SSDs for radiation performance just up the mountain from DeepStorage Labs at Los Alamos and gave my podcasting partner Ray Lucchesi the nickname Cosmic Ray. With Intel at the heart of new technologies like NVMe …

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I Miss the Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer or Speaking at The Flash Memory Summit and VMworld

Up until just a few years ago I would get a break from my usually hectic pace when summer rolled around. Event planners figured that with people taking their family road trips to WallyWorld, IT departments would be shorthanded, and therefore less likely to send their people to Vegas for EvilCorpWorld. Then VMworld, in the last week of August became …

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What I’m Doing Instead of A Summer Vacation

Unfortunately it’s been too many years since I’ve had a summer vacation worth writing a “What I Did On My Christmas Vacation” essay about. Back when I was a consultant the summer was usually a slow period when I could update the lab, write some articles and get in a little beach time. It wasn’t like being French, and getting …

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Gridbusters Made Me a YouTube Star

This summer started with the realization of an idea that has been stuck in my head for a couple of years. I figured we should create a video where we demonstrated that a scale-out storage system could survive a node failure in a dramatic fashion. Rather than just pull the plug on the node we’d destroy it with a pot …

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New in the Lab—Virident FlashMAX II SSDs

It’s interesting how some vendors manage to capture—and, if they’re good, retain—sufficient mind share that their company or brand name becomes synonymous with their market segment. In the storage world, Fusion-IO has managed to maintain that position without falling into the trap that Kleenex and Xerox have, where those companies have to defend the brands from becoming generic terms like …

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Tech Field Day – Under the Covers

In part because Tech Field Day’s own Dread Pirate Roberts, Stephen Foskett, and I are both members of the storage chattering class and that we don’t doesn’t take ourselves too seriously and have become friends. I’ve had the privilege to be a delegate at a total of six Tech Field Day events. I always have a great time with the …

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I Guess I am A Big Shot – Storage Field Day Edition

Next week I’m off to another Storage Field Day, number 4 . As most of you know Tech Field Days are “Influencer” events that Stephen Foskett and his minions at Gestalt IT put on a dozen or so times a year. Basically Stephen brings a dozen bloggers, analysts and other slightly socialized geeks from around the world together to get …

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