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Update to Flashstack/Nutanix


We’ve updated the cost of acquisition report we did for Pure comparing the Pure/Cisco FlashStack converged infrastructure to a hybrid Nutanix cluster. We misread the Nutanix spec sheet and used the power consumption of a 4-node Nutanix block as the consumption for a single node.  This lead us to believe the FlashStack solution used less power when in truth the …

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Disagreeing without being Disagreeable

Any one that knows DeepStorage knows that we’re opinionated and that we’re always willing to have a reasonable debate about our opinions. Unfortunately, as we’ve discovered in politics recently, some people take anything you say about them that isn’t a straight up compliment as an attack that must be responded to with as much force as possible. Again, as in …

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On Calling Out and Being Called Out

It’s interesting how companies develop corporate personalities that extend not just to official communications but even to employees’ personal blogs. A few years ago, this was most apparent at NetApp and EMC. Today, the most visible example is how folks at Nutanix seem to take even the most tangential reference or minimal criticism as direct attacks that must be responded …

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Dell Buys EMC Creating Winners and Losers

Selfie Dell 300x191 1

After a weekend of rumors Dell and EMC announced early Monday morning that Dell, with more than a little help from their friends at Silver Lake Partners, will acquire EMC for the princely sum of $67.1 billion dollars.  The deal is scheduled to close sometime before the end of October 2016. As in any big deal there are winners and …

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The Changing Storage Market

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As a longtime observer of, and participant in, the storage market, I’ve noticed that, over the past two or three years, the basic dynamics of the market have changed significantly. Startups are living longer, partially because they’re able to raise more venture money than ever before. At the same time, the formerly clean divisions between drive vendors and the companies …

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Hitting the Road with VVOLs and NexGen

HM Speaks

I’ve been vocal over the past few years that the LUN has outlived its welcome as the default unit of storage management, as this blog post over at NetworkComputing and this video from Storage Decisions will attest. Now that VMware has finally gotten their virtual volume (VVOL) technology out the door, I am hitting the road to spread the news …

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Decoding the Magic Quadrant

The folks at Gartner recently released their first Magic Quadrant for all-flash arrays to slightly more than the usual amount of controversy. In addition to the usual sniping about how vendor A was in the Niche Players quadrant when they should have been a Visionary, some of us have more serious questions about which vendors were included and which weren’t—all …

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