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Hitting the Road with VVOLs and NexGen

HM Speaks

I’ve been vocal over the past few years that the LUN has outlived its welcome as the default unit of storage management, as this blog post over at NetworkComputing and this video from Storage Decisions will attest. Now that VMware has finally gotten their virtual volume (VVOL) technology out the door, I am hitting the road to spread the news …

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Viewing as Guerrilla IT

You would have to be living under a rock, or scrupulously avoiding the news by order of a psychiatrist, to have not heard the kerfuffle around Hillary Clinton’s use of a private domain, and email server, for official business while serving as Secretary of State.  While listening to the usual political pundits arguing about the political implications of using Mrs. …

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Something’s Cooking with/at Micron

Yesterday Micron announced that Rob Peglar was joining the company as vice president of Advanced Storage Solutions, leaving his position as the public facing CTO of EMC’s Isilon scale-out storage division. Rob was one of the first CTO types I met when I dove deep into the storage business back in 2002. Back then he was with Xiotech who had …

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VSAN 6.0 Now Ready for Prime Time

While I was glad to see VMware jump on the hyperconverged bandwagon with VSAN I must admit I wasn’t terribly impressed with the initial release of the product. Sure it took local storage from all the servers in a cluster and created a hybrid pool but it still relied on vSphere’s flawed snapshots and was profligate in its use of …

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VMware Endorses StorMagic for ROBO Server SAN

I’ve long believed that hyperconverged solutions made the most sense at the small end of the scale. You know the SMBs, plants, remote offices, branch offices and big box stores of the world for whom the storage choices have been pretty bad over the years. A typical SMB gets by with a prosumer device like a Synology NAS while corporate …

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Decoding the Magic Quadrant

The folks at Gartner recently released their first Magic Quadrant for all-flash arrays to slightly more than the usual amount of controversy. In addition to the usual sniping about how vendor A was in the Niche Players quadrant when they should have been a Visionary, some of us have more serious questions about which vendors were included and which weren’t—all …

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Our New Datacenter – Chapter 3 – Server Cabinets

Part II – What We Did To be perfectly honest, we didn’t expect to start the Santa Fe data center with a shiny new set of server cabinets. We had been talking to the good folks at CommScope about a patching system for the new lab, and when they decided they wanted to support our little project, they offered not …

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What I’m Doing Instead of A Summer Vacation

Unfortunately it’s been too many years since I’ve had a summer vacation worth writing a “What I Did On My Christmas Vacation” essay about. Back when I was a consultant the summer was usually a slow period when I could update the lab, write some articles and get in a little beach time. It wasn’t like being French, and getting …

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Gridbusters Made Me a YouTube Star

This summer started with the realization of an idea that has been stuck in my head for a couple of years. I figured we should create a video where we demonstrated that a scale-out storage system could survive a node failure in a dramatic fashion. Rather than just pull the plug on the node we’d destroy it with a pot …

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Your New Datacenter – Server Cabinets

Most data centers are dominated by rows and rows of server cabinets, but most of the people I talk to that run the gear that goes in those server cabinets think of them as commoditized furniture. To paraphrase “Little Boxes” the Malvina Reynolds song so brilliantly used over the opening credits of the Showtime series Weeds: Server cabinets in the …

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