Hands-On Testing and Analysis

Update to Flashstack/Nutanix


We’ve updated the cost of acquisition report we did for Pure comparing the Pure/Cisco FlashStack converged infrastructure to a hybrid Nutanix cluster. We misread the Nutanix spec sheet and used the power consumption of a 4-node Nutanix block as the consumption for a single node.  This lead us to believe the FlashStack solution used less power when in truth the …

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Disagreeing without being Disagreeable

Any one that knows DeepStorage knows that we’re opinionated and that we’re always willing to have a reasonable debate about our opinions. Unfortunately, as we’ve discovered in politics recently, some people take anything you say about them that isn’t a straight up compliment as an attack that must be responded to with as much force as possible. Again, as in …

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HCI and Data Locality

Locality 2 E1500393165607

While I rarely apply quantum mechanics in my day to day life studying quantum mechanics taught me an important life lesson; things in the real world sometimes operate in ways counter to our intuitive understanding. Unlike the Mandelbrot set and other fractals which look the same no matter how deeply you examine them many things and ideas in the real …

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Stormagic Sticks to the HCI Sweet Spot

I’ve long believed that HCI was the best solution for the “small-scale” systems in remote and branch offices and SMEs. In many cases, these sites have just a handful of workloads that could easily be handled by a single modern server. A pair of servers with a decent VSA sharing out their local storage devices provides plenty of capacity, horsepower, and …

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HyperThreading Bug in Intel Skylake and Kaby Lake CPUs


A warning appeared on the Debian Linux mailing list over the weekend that there is a bug in the hyperthreading logic in some of Intel’s latest processors codenamed Skylake and Kaby Lake. The good news for data center operators is that the E5 and E7 Xeons that populate the world’s 2 socket and larger servers are still using and older …

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vSAN 6.6 Matures with Encryption, Site Data Protection

VMware’s done an impressive job of bringing the Internet development cycle of incremental releases twice a year and applying it to the traditionally much stodgier world of enterprise storage where customers are used to waiting three to five years for the new features that come with an array’s generational update. The latest 6.6 release adds over 20 new features, and …

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AMD Attempts Epyc Return to the Data Center


AMD this week finally announced their new Epyc line of server processors and for the first time in a long time, it appears AMD has processors that can actually compete with Intel’s data center world dominating Xeons. While most of the attention so far has been on the top of the line 32 core model if Epyc has an epic …

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Visiting Intel with SFD 12

Lotus Lightnes

Intel is always an interesting stop on the Storage Field Day whirlwind tour of Silicon Valley. During SFD8 we learned about how Intel tested their SSDs for radiation performance just up the mountain from DeepStorage Labs at Los Alamos and gave my podcasting partner Ray Lucchesi the nickname Cosmic Ray. With Intel at the heart of new technologies like NVMe …

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Unifying Sync ‘n Share

Like most people nowadays I use sync ‘n share services as a central part of my work process. I even wrote a blog post describing the process I used to synchronize my supplemental dictionaries between the various PCs I use on a regular basis. While SnS is a great solution to my personal file problems, DeepStorage Labs still needs more …

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New In The Lab: 25/40/100Gbps Networking

For the past few years, Ethernet has come in four speeds: 1, 10, 40 and 100Gbps. While the cost of 10Gbps Ethernet has fallen to under $500 a port, the next step up 40Gbps has remained four times as expensive as 10gbps and therefore been relegated to inter-switch links and the like. This year Santa brought us 25Gbps Ethernet which …

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