Hands-On Testing and Analysis

Howard Marks – Founder and Chief Scientist

Founder and Chief Scientist Howard MarksIn over 25 years as an independent consultant Howard has built and/or reengineered server and storage infrastructures and networks for organizations from Borden Foods and The State University of New York at Purchase to accounting and law firms. He started testing and reviewing products at PC Magazine in the late 80s and has written hundreds of articles and product reviews for Network World, Network Computing and InformationWeek amongst others. He’s spoken at Comdex, Interop, Networks Expo and developed training programs for organizations including JP Morgan and American Express. Where other analysts typically have marketing or sales backgrounds Howard’s continuing involvement with users facing real problems brings a perspective those users find more useful.

Kristin Bundesen, Phd – Director of Business Development

Luckily, we convinced Kristin to return to the IT industry after a hiatus to earn her PhD from the University of Nottingham, yes that Nottingham of Robin Hood fame, to be our Director of Business Development. A technologist in her own right, Kristin was one of the first Certified Netware Instructors in the 1990s and helped establish several training programs at Fortune 50 companies. She published extensively and was co-author of Networking Windows, managing editor of the Handbook of Server Management and Administration, co-author of Click! 101 Computer Activities for Kids and Grownups and an editor of the network encyclopedia as well as a regular contributor to Network Computing and Network World, among others.

Humphrey D. Dogg, DCS (Doctor of Canine Studies) – Mascot Emeritus

Humphrey D. DoggAfter 13 years of service as a dedicated mascot, and outstanding rug impressionist, Dr. Dogg has retired to his just rewards.

Little Faith D. Dogg, MCS (Mistress of Canine Studies) – Chief Morale Officer

Little Faith D. DoggNow that Dr. Humphrey D. Dogg has retired his distant niece Ms. Little Faith D. Dogg has taken over responsibility for staff morale at DeepStorage. We of Little Faith count on her to poke us with squeaky toys, beg for cookies and slobber on anyone that needs it.