Hands-On Testing and Analysis

In Our Lab:

Apposite Linktropy 4500 WAN emulator (up to 155Mbps)
Apposite Linktropy 7500 Pro WAN emulator (up to 3x1Gbps)
Swifttest 3000 CIFS/NFS test system

Disk Storage Systems
EMC Clariion CX500 (14x73GB 10K RPM drives)
Xiotech Emprise 7000
Dell Powervault 200s U160 SCSI JBOD
Dell Powervault 220s U160 SCSI
Enhance 12drive SAS/SATA JBOD
Enhance 4 drive SAS/SATA JBOD

NexentaStor, FalconStor NSS, Starwind target/virtualization software

Intel X-25M and X-25E SSDs

Tape Storage
Exabyte LTO-3 Autoloader
Dell DLT-7000 Autoloader
DAT-72 and DDS-4 drives

Servers (64 bit)
6 Supermicro 6016
6 Supermicro Xeon E3
2 Dell Poweredge 2950
2 Dell Poweredge 1850
Dell Poweredge 6850
3 HP DL380 G4
HP DL360 G5
HP DL160 G6 (Xeon 5500)
3 Whitebox Dual Opteron servers (Opteron 250)
2 Whitebox Athlon 64 X2 servers

Servers (32 bit)
4 Dell Poweredge 1750
2 Dell Poweredge 1550
1 Dell Poweredge 1600SC
1 IBM 2u