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Talking Data Protection – Here and at vBrownBag

Water Cooler Raid E1513047547352

Now that we’ve finished talking about RAID it seemed like a good time to both recap and announce that our friends at vBrownBag have asked me to turn this little series of blog posts into a month of vBrownbag webinars this January. Why Talk RAID in 2017? I was inspired, OK obsessed, to write this series returning to first principles …

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All About Data Protection Part 6 ½ – Thinking About Parity and Read-Modify-Write


In part 3 of this series, I described how single parity RAID, levels 4 and 5 for those keeping track at home, worked. In that post, I talked about the I/O expansion, and performance penalty created by the read-modify-write process that’s required for writes smaller than the size of a full RAID stripe. In that post I wrote, “RAID4 performs …

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All About Data Protection Part 6 – Nested and Combination RAID

Raid 61

While the basic RAID level concepts addressed some of our concerns about disk drive performance and reliability they are all really just the most basic building blocks of data protection. Users, and vendors, needing RAID sets bigger than, or with higher resiliency than, the standard RAID levels can deliver have built some amazing combinations to address their particular problems. The …

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